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Game 7 Open Thread - Yankees (4-3) at Royals (4-2)

Happy Home Opening Day!

This almost never happens, so I'll make note of it now. Ever since I saw that the Yankees would be the Opening Series opponent, I've felt just a slight tinge of sympathy or even pity for Glasses. Opening Day was going to be a sellout, or very near to it, no matter who the Royals were playing. Likewise, the Yankee series was going to draw three good crowds, no matter when it was scheduled. When a Tuesday night game against the Twins or Orioles at some point draws 17,000, think about the fact that the Royals opened with the Yankees. Considering they had a similar situation with the Red Sox last year, and the Royals have been forced to leave a good chunk of revenue on the table.

Internet heartthrob Brian Bannister (career ERA 3.81) looks to build on strong first start against the Tigers today against the Yankees in what promises to be a festive Home Opener. Last season, Bannister had his worst start of '07 against these same Yankees, allowing seven runs in five innings, taking the loss. It should be fascinating to see how Bannister tries to attack a very patient Yankee lineup.

The Yankees counter with supposed phenom Phil Hughes (career ERA 4.35). Like Bannister, Hughes struggled against the Royals in his only battle with the boys in blue last season. While the Yankees won his start 16-8, Hughes lasted only 4.2 innings, allowing six earned runs.

Finally, I just wanted to say that I am really happy that Loyal2 is going to be able to attend today's game. She's been one of the most dedicated members here for a long time, and I'm glad she'll be there. As I did with Fanfest, I extend an open invitation to anyone who attends these games to share their photos, stories, impressions here.