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Game 8 Open Thread - Yankees (4-4) at Royals (5-2)

With Gil Meche an imposing leader of men transformed by the responsibility of being the staff ace and the wisdom of the Royals' coaching staff, and Brian Bannister a near genius (did you hear he did well on his SATs? Incredible!) who makes Jamie Moyer look like someone relying on sheer stuff, one wonders how much more lovable and imposing K.C.'s starting rotation can become. Well, considering that Zack Greinke still has the highest ceiling of anyone on the staff and that he may be poised to make 2008 his long-awaited breakout season, the rotation can get a lot more lovable, if perhaps only in a more purely baseball sense. (Although Greinke has his own human-interest backstory as well, though no one quite knows how to handle it.) Greinke makes his second start of the season, tonight at the K, looking to improve on a career 8.22 ERA against the Bombers.


The Yankees counter with supposed prospect Ian Kennedy, who was shelled in his first start.

Oh, then there's this:

K.C. Bullpen in '08 21 .145 4 27 0.86