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Love that Treyball

Well, at least the Royals forced Sir Sidney out of the game by the ninth inning. In a way, I'm glad we gave the old Aruban one last nice start before he fades back into horribleness. We can file it next to our DVD of Livan Hernandez's similarly dominating performance of a supposedly up-and-coming lineup. It was a special day, to be sure. We'll all remember these special moments, moments that only a true artiste like W.C. Heinz or Buzz Bissinger can truly capture.

I don't know what's more damning, that Hillman has randomly moved DeJesus into the third spot, behind Gathright and Grudz, or that the KC lineup is so impotent that putting a player who has never hit double-digit homers at #3 is still an improvement on many other options. The consistent yanking around of Gordon is just stupid. Oh, he's the seven-hitter now. Why? Because he had two bad games? It's not the reason the Royals won or lost, but it is nevertheless reflective of a dumb thought-process. Roughly akin to, say, rearranging your living room furniture because you disliked an episode of Lost. Well, we've got to shake things up, don't we? Or get him comfortable, or whatever it is this week.