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Game 36 Open Thread - Orioles (18-18) at Royals (15-20)

Was last night the worst game of the year? Hard to argue against it. Then again, the Royals might as well not even take the field against those warriors of the Chesapeake, the Orioles.

This year the Royals are 0-2 against the Orioles. Last year, they went 0-7 against them, in 2006, 1-5. The last time the Royals beat the O's was on July 25, 2006, a glorious 7-5 victory for Mark Redman. All-Star Mark Redman. The Orioles actually led that game 4-0, but thanks to two Mark Teahen homers off Kris Benson (remember him? remember when Teahen had power?) the Royals stormed back to take the lead, and eventually, the game. The Orioles would go on to take the final two games of that series, beginning a mysterious dominance over the Royals that has now produced eleven straight Baltimore victories.

Tonight, Brett Tomko (4.98 ERA) looks to change all that. But to do so, he'll need to out-duel Garret Olson.