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Game 37 Open Thread - Orioles at Royals (15-21)

The hits just keep on coming, don't they?

If internet sensation Brian Bannister (4.46 ERA) can't beat the Orioles this afternoon at the K, then no one can. After posting a 0.86 ERA in his first three starts, Bannister has struggled a bit, to the tune of an 8.02 ERA in his last three starts. That stretch actually includes his 2-0 tough luck loss to the Tribe back in April, which makes the 8.02 particularly stunning. You add it all up, and he looks middle of the road in aggregate, but it hasn't really played out that way. Or maybe it has, and that's what being in the middle is like. I don't know.

Last night during the game thread I randomly decided to check up on Shane Costa, and discovered that he's mashing in Omaha. Costa's always been able to hit .300 in the minors with ease, but what may be different this year is his power: he already has seven homers and is slugging .565. (His line on the year is .313/.357/.565.) He's 26, and in over 1500 minor league PAs he's now the owner of a .314/.370/.483 line. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I don't think it's a given that the Royals wouldn't be better served giving Joey Gathright's at bats to Costa for a few months. I'd be willing to exchange some of Joey's singles for at least the off chance that Costa might be able to drive the ball, at least a little. Given the multiple discussions of Butler and his arb-clock, it also might not be a totally insane idea to switch out Butler and Shane for a month, especially considering that Shane can play the field and that Butler has looked more like Ken Harvey than Manny Ramirez thus far. Finally, I love German, but since he's not playing anyway, we might as well see what Costa has.

Thoughts on Costa?

(Call your mom.)