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Game 41 Open Thread - Royals (19-21) at Marlins (23-17)

The Battle for Scott Pose's Legacy Begins!

The Royals turn to Brett Tomko (5.67 ERA) tonight in Florida hoping to extend their modest four game winning streak and inch ever closer to the .500 mark. Battling Tomko, will be Andrew Miller (6.52 ERA). Get this, despite being an incredibly hyped young pitching prospect, Miller has struggled. Incredible!

Of course, the Royals have to deal with the weird Marlins are really good in interleague play factor, which is totally relevant because Florida has always been noted for having a very stable roster. They're like the 1970s Dodgers practically.

Speaking of that roster, for some reason I totally thought that Marlin backup catcher Mike Rabelo was a former Royal. But that would be wrong. Didn't the Royals once have a guy with a name like that? I'm blanking.

Should be a fun game tonight. The library should be inhabitable again, now that Finals Week has ended here at one of Iowa's finest schools for undergraduate education. As someone who a) likes the library and b) spends much time there, I always resent the four-day influx of undergrads, especially since they manage to maintain their firm avoidance of ever using a book. No, it's Google and Wikipedia and Spark/Cliff/Pink Monkey online and nothing else. But it's all good because the U of I is a public institution, which means that hey, every two or three days the place gets cleaned! So there's not much trash anywhere. No, there's about as much trash as there is turnover on the Marlins roster, which is to say, none.