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Game 42 Open Thread - Royals (20-21) at Marlins (23-18)

The Battle for the Legacy of Scott Pose Continues!

Thanks to a five-game winning-streak the Royals now stand again on the precipice of .500, a mark they haven't seen since April 19th, believe it or not, when they were 9-9. The Professor (3.75 ERA) takes the ball tonight, looking to generate electronic ink for another two day flurry. (Rany still wants your nickname ideas , btw.) If Arlington was the one place Banny shouldn't ever pitch, you'd have to figure Florida would be ideal, but we'll see. At the micro-level, predictions like that don't hold up very well in baseball. It's one game, and anything can happen.

The Marlins counter with Scott Olsen (2.63 ERA).

Last night's game was potentially the most poorly played baseball game I've seen in years, and the Royals were lucky to escape with a win. We'll see what tonight holds...

Since the first game of the doubleheader on April 24th, Jose Guillen is hitting .324/.360/.549 and raising serious hopes in the impossible dream of a Royal slugging .500.