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Game 29 Open Thread - Royals (12-16) at Indians (14-15)

Let's try this again...


OK. Back to baseball.

Our Royals look to claw their way out of last place (last place already?) this weekend in Cleveland. RR Fest hero Luke Hochevar (5.91 ERA) looks to build on a nice start against the Blue Jays, while the Tribe counters with C.C. Sabathia (7.87 ERA) who just looks corpulent.

If you don't mind, here's a snippet I posted last week, only to have it get lost in the site crash:

Shifting gears, as many of you know, I have some Cleveland ties, and lived there last summer (and will be back there in about a month). I'm not sure if every fanbase feels this way, but there is a definite meme in Cleveland that the Royals always give us trouble. I've heard it personally, heard it on the radio, seen it on Lets Go Tribe and on and on. Well, let's check the facts:

Cleveland's Record Against the Royals Since 2001:

2002: 9-10
2003: 6-13
2004: 11-8
2005: 13-6
2006: 10-8
2007: 11-7

Total Since 2001: 61-42

So nope, the Royals don't really give the Tribe any trouble. Other than those few years when the Indians are really bad and the Royals are ok.