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Game 46 Open Thread - Royals (21-24) at Red Sox (29-19)

So Bartolo Colon is still alive, huh?

He'll square off against Brett Tomko (5.32 ERA). For the first time ever, I wish Runelyvs (never learned how to spell his name, not gonna double check now) was still around. Hernandez-Colon would have been a fun matchup.

Speaking of has-beens, is anyone else completely stunned that Odalis Perez is still pitching?

2008 - Odalis Perez 1-4 4.34 1.54 41 22

Between Odalis, Livan Hernandez, Sidney Ponson, Shawn Estes and now Bartolo Colon improbably hanging around, it's been a banner year for, um, the year 2003. Do we play the Padres in interleague? I'm sure Estes will shut us down like Livan and Sir Sidney did...

But back to tonight's game. Since Boston is such a cursed sports city and all, I expect Colon will flame out. Oh, wait...