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Game 48 Open Thread - Royals (21-26) at Jays (24-25)

So... we've got two bad offenses (last and second to last in the league) going up against two good pitchers, Greinke (2.18 ERA) and Halladay (3.37 ERA).

Does anyone else feel like this is going to be one of those that's baseball games, where the score is 7-5 after three innings?

Pregame Links

- Bluebird Banter, Drunk Jays Fans, and the Batter's Box are all strong Blue Jay blogs. Batter's Box even has the cool .ca web address, and this lengthy preview post on the Royals-Jays series.

-The Hardball Times reports on the Pitch f/x summit.

-I wish Paul DePodesta worked for the Royals. Unfortunately, this organization has hitched her sails to a completely different line of thinking.