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It Gets Even Better

Where do you begin?

A lot of good things happened tonight, but somewhere in the last hour everything went haywire. Forget the beginning of the inning, just zoom ahead to after Ramirez had already recorded two outs, from that point the Twins went single, single, single, homer. Live by the single (the Royals had 14 on the night) , die by the single and the well-timed homer.  Whats the old saying, fortune and misfortune are two threads of the same rope. Or something like that.

Thank God Dayton Moore and Trey Hillman changed the culture of the organization, because you can really see how it's paying off. Go back to Posnanski's 50,000 word interwoven vignettes story from Spring Training. Remember what Hillman did with those chairs! Pitching is the currency of baseball, and this team is not going to lose games on fundamentals!