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Game 68 Open Thread - Royals (26-41) at Diamondbacks (36-31)

It's Zack Greinke (3.77 ERA) versus Doug Davis (4.88 ERA) tonight in the desert as interleague play returns to restore our national innocence.

A month ago Greinke looked like he'd finally broken out into the Cy Young level pitcher he's been purported to eventually be since he was drafted. His ERA after three starts was 0.75, and even after a minor slide from those lofty heights, on May 1, after his sixth start, his ERA stood at 1.46. In his seven starts since then, Greinke's posted a 6.07 ERA and allowed nine home runs, his perpetual bugaboo, while his BAA has climbed back to .301. He's still striking people out, but the walks have slowly crept up again, culminating in four free passes issues in just five innings in his last start.

I'll be on the road tonight, most likely getting lost somewhere between Cleveland and Fort Wayne, so the game thread is in your hands...