Mike Aviles, SS of the future, er...until we find a real one

I was one of the early callers for Aviles as a SS replacement for TPJ while he tortured us with his butterfly-net hacking techniques.  As minor league player of the year and proven minor league hitter, Aviles seemed deserving of at least some kind of major league duty to me.  When TPJ's bat hit the fan(shit is a bad word, but...well, that's what it was), Aviles seemed a better option than Berroa and other options playing out of position (Callaspo looking like Cecil Fielder w/ a glove at short and German looking like...well, German, but at short).  Well, Aviles came up, to much cheer and fanfare.  So much so that he went 0-3 in his major league debut and didn't see pt for another week (Buddy Bell would be proud).  27 years old and all, Aviles displayed minor league experience by (being patient and...) having 5 extra-base hits before his first major league single.  He has since been used as our everyday SS.  He has 2 homers and a very good batting line in this short timespan since his call-up.  While he looks like me a fat guy, he has yet to embarass himself at SS as German and Callaspo have.  Let's let this one play out.  Let the guy hit and see where our offense goes.  After all, this is the AL.  Some teams have hitters at all positions here.

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