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Game 59 Open Thread - Royals (23-35) at White Sox (31-26)

Luke Hochevar (4.98 ERA) takes the ball tonight against the White Sox, looking to keep his ERA under 5.00. With the Tigers continuing to lose, the Royals are only a mini-winning streak away from getting out of the AL Central cellar, and in fact, aren't that far behind the Indians. It's been a weird start to season in this division. And I'm starting to think that this is one of those years where, in another decade, it'll look like something totally random happened. A year where a team like the Twins -- who aren't very good -- takes the division with 87 wins (and approximately seven thousand articles about how they proved they didn't need Santana and how they play the game the right way in Minnesota, and on and on).

AL Central Standings

Chicago 31 26 .543 0 Won 1
Minnesota 30 28 .517 1.5 Lost 1
Cleveland 26 32 .448 5.5 Lost 1
Detroit 24 34 .413 7.5 Lost 2
Kansas City 23 35 .396 8.5 Lost 1

(updated 6.4.2008 at 6:14 PM EDT)

The White Sox counter with John Danks (2.86 ERA), a long lost member of the Rangers' fabled DVD trio back in the day.