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Game 60 Open Thread - Royals (23-36) at White Sox (32-26)

It's Meche (3-7, 5.35 ERA) versus Contreras (2.89 ERA) tonight at the Cell as the Royals look to avoid the sweep. If you've been waiting to see Gil Meche throw 130 pitches in a game, then you should definitely tune in tonight.

Although each team used seven pitchers last night, the usage pattern was actually quite different. Other than Jimmy Gobble's brief appearance, everyone other than Tomko went more than an inning for the Royals. The two best options for Hillman, Ramirez and Soria, each went two, and so probably won't be available tonight. Meanwhile, the White Sox only likely lose Jenks and Dotel, amongst pitchers that are actually effective. Masset, Thornton and Linebrink each had normal evenings of work last night, and none of those three pitched the day before.

Of course, the Royals will be extra patient throughout the game, and will force the White Sox to really sweat this one out, with someone like Wasserman or Loaiza on the mound in a key spot. Obviously.