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Draft Day Overflow Thread

Hosmer it is!


In like four years three of the guys taken today are totally gonna be Royals!

Well, if it is a good draft that is.

Consider this your Draft Day Open Thread (things get started around 2 EST supposedly, give or take some ESPN lead-in type delays). I'll be leaning on you guys today, since I don't know Smoak from Posey from Dennys Reyes. Sure, in five years somebody taken today might well become my next Shane Costa or Justin Huber, but that's only after their meaningless and ignored AAA stats are put up.

Here are two links to get us started:

  • Goldstein's Mock Draft at BP (he has the Royals taking Pedro Alvarez) and related chat.
  • Quick Goldstein hit on Hosmer: A lot of questions about why Hosmer over the big college bats, because he's more risky. He might be, but his ceiling, especially on a power level is totally ridiculous.