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Royals Draft Followup

Here are the guys taken so far (thanks to the handy official website for this one):

  1. (3) Eric Hosmer - 1B
  2. (36) Michael Montgomery- LHP
  3. (49) Johnny Giavotella- 2B
  4. (80) Tyler Sample- RHP
  5. (115) Timothy Melville- RHP
  6. (145) John Lamb- LHP
  7. (175) Alex Llanos- SS


Thanks to a rehearsal dinner I missed the second-half of Draft day and tonight's loss to the White Sox, which was probably for the best.  There's only so much computer time one can log before you start experiencing health problems.  If you're looking for much of an overall opinion, or worse, a  draft grade from me, then you'll be out of luck. The truth is, this is very much a Wizard of Oz outfit here: there's just a pathetic little man behind the curtain, typing into a microphone. And even with that being said, even if I was an expert, the MLB draft just doesn't work like the others. Hell, it's still too early to truly evaluate last year's draft, and even the 2007 results are still pretty fluid. 

What I am interested in, and what may be discussable at this point, is if we can ascertain any thought-process or pattern or gameplan from the Moore regime, looking at this week's picks, as well as last year's guys (I have no idea how to evaluate the 2006 dudes, but I find it highly unlikely that Moore had no say, and if he did, then frankly, that's unbelievably bizarre.) Right off the bat, there's the classic high school/college discussion, as well as the similar position player/pitcher one. Still, even amongst the most hardcore believers in whatever philosophy, at the micro level, it often comes down to the individual players in question, just as players not as "high school pitchers" or "college position players" or anything like that. Just dudes in a uniform and what older men in golf shirts think of them.

I'm curious as to what impressions you guys have.