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Game 62 Open Thread - Royals (24-37) at Yankees (30-31)

I don't see Will around, so I'm pulling the trigger on the gamethread, what with all of ten minutes to go before gametime.

Today it's JoePo's favorite text message buddy, Brian Bannister (5-6, 4.60) looking to shut down the evil Yankee foe. Said foe will be led by the cowardly Andy Pettite (5-5, 4.21), who is a shadow of his former self and certainly no match for that pesky Royals line-up.

If Aviles is not in the line-up today, we are giving up on not only this season, but 2009 as well. You will remember today for the rest of your lives.

UPDATE: Mike Aviles is in the line-up hitting second.