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Thaaaaaaaaa Yankees win.


Helluva game, and a revenge contest for Johnny Damon, who went 6-6 (although in effect 5-6, as he was gunned down trying to stretch a single into a double).

Lots to discuss, but maybe not much to say?

  • Huge day by Guillen. Two homers, two guys thrown out on the bases and a single to boot.
  • Another long day for the bullpen (after a rough May).
  • A tough outing for Banny (even though it was a day game).
  • More flukey excellence for Aviles, who I now believe leads the team in extra base hits.
  • Royals drew two walks in a 12-11 marathon. I believe this ties a season high in walks drawn. (kidding)
  • Your Tomko ERA update: 6.34
  • Your Ramirez ERA update: 3.49.