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Game 63 Overflow Thread - Royals (24-38) at Yankees (31-31)

After a long, hot, loss in the Bronx on Saturday, the Royals turn to Zack Greinke (3.56 ERA) to right the ship (gotta love nautical metaphor cliches!) or get the boys back on track (or is it un-tracked? no one seems to know, and, intuitively, I have no sense of whether being on a track is good or bad).

The Yankees turn to... hmm... let me check my game notes here... interesting, this man's name is, let me see if I have this spelled correctly, Joba Chamberlain. As far as I can tell, this young feller has previously been in the bullpen, but was a starter in the minors. Interesting. Never heard word one about him, or this... what are they calling it, "conversion process" that he's been going through.

Well, I suspect there won't be much attention paid to this game, since the Yanks are starting a nobody swingman type.