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43-52; David DeJesus Can Walk All the Way to Grass Creek




  • Video of David's HR here.
  • The home run was David's tenth of the season, setting a new career high. Sometimes you can see these things coming.

    Butler: 18 HRs, 78 RBI, .277 BA. (with weird playing time patterns early and then a second-half tear)
    Gordon: 23 HRs, 91 RBI, .282 BA.
    Teahen: 13 HRs, 62 RBI, .295 BA.
    DeJesus: 13 HRs, 65 RBI, .288 BA.

    Wow, these all look weird and inaccurate. I'm confident we'll see a mini power surge from DeJesus, but the rest… I don't know.

  • Tremendous, Grass Creek inspired revenge save for our beloved Horacio Ramirez, who had the 2.1 innings of his life, lowering his ERA to 1.50. Between this and the Guillen drama, this fantastic rivalry just keeps getting better and better.
  • The Mariners voluntarily played the following players at 1B or DH tonight: Miguel Cairo, Jose Vidro, Willie Bloomquist and some guy named Tug Hulett.
  • Where clutch and moxie and veteran presence collide is where you'll find Gil Meche. Who toyed with the Mariners all night, letting them record hit after hit, only to keep them mostly stranded. The only thing that kept it from being a truly vintage Gil performance was his surprising semi-efficiency regarding his pitch count. Normally he's at 125 pitches by the seventh inning. Not tonight. Consider the power of the human spirit once again reaffirmed.