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All-Star Game Open Thread and Prediction Contest


Announcing the 2008 Royals Review ASG Prediction Game!

Prize: The Winner will receive their very own Royals Review t-shirt!

The Game: Correctly predict which players WILL NOT APPEAR in the ASG.

Method: 1) Submit four guesses/players below. Each exact combination becomes locked when it is claimed (Navarro/Kinsler/Young/Soria, for example, can only be made by one person). 2) Submit a game score prediction, with a winner. This will be used as a tiebreaker. Obvious scratches, like Kerry Wood, Alfie Soriano and David Ortiz, are not eligible. There are no rules about balancing between leagues. You can pick whomever you want.

Method2: This is where it gets slightly more complicated. For each submission, we will use the following metric for awarding points: 3.5 pts for an unused position player, 2 pts for an unused pitcher, -1 pt for a wrong guess. There is some strategy involved here because there will almost certainly be a few pitchers on each side who do not appear. Position players are a riskier proposition, but will earn you more points if you hit on them correctly.

So in sum, submit four names and a game score prediction. Your exact combination becomes your own when you post and the game score prediction is the tiebreaker.


Here are the eligible reserves.

AL Position Players: Navarro, Varitek, Morneau, Kinsler, Young, Crede, Guillen, Longoria, Drew, Quentin, Sizemore

AL Pitchers: Duchscherer, Halladay, Kazmir, Nathan, Papelbon, Rivera, Rodriguez, Santana, Saunders, Sherrill, Soria

NL Position Players: Martin, McCann, Gonzalez, Uggla, Guzman, Tejada, Ramirez, Wright, Hart, Ludwick, McLouth

NL Pitchers: Cook, Dempster, Haren, Lidge, Lincecum, Marmol, Volquez, Wagner, Webb, Wilson, Wood, Zambrano