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When was the last time Greinke allowed so many runs in such a short time, and the longball wasn't really an issue?

Some of the singles parade in the first inning was a bit fluky, but the plunking of Quentin and the three walks bespoke a general wildness as the underlying root of the problem.

  • Kudos to Billy Butler on a mini-breakout game. I didn't think Billy would be at 3 homers at this point, but there's still plenty of time for him to put up, ohh, I dunno... Teahen numbers.
  • I'm not sure Jimmy Gobble, absolutely one of my favorite Royals, is a Major League pitcher at this point. Gobble went walk, HBP, walk in the 6th inning, helping to extend Chicago's lead.
  • Can't... escape... the presence of Ross Gload. He's like the presence of the sun in the east each morning. He's inexorable. Heading into tonight's game, Gload was 13th amongst AL 1Bs in plate appearances with 255... and 22nd in VORP.