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44-54; You Can Put That on the Board

Clearly, we need to focus on Teahen and DDJ going a combined 1-9. Baseball players are robotic proles who must remain in rigid roles. If those roles ever change, their feeble minds implode and they cannot function.

Right? Gilgameche_medium


  • I think that was the best Gil Meche has ever looked, at least as a Royal. The numbers -- 6.1 IP, 2 H, 1 BB, 6 Ks -- only partial reflect that dominance, but aside from some Mechean moments of inefficiency, the Epic looked totally in control.
  • As "The Fernando Vina School of Linguistics" pointed out during the game thread, tonight would have been an easy night to get Jimmy Gobble into a game the Royals were going to win. Well, Ho-Ram's a former Brave, and he's been on the team for three weeks. He's earned it. You will recall, Gobble hasn't appeared in a win since... May 18th!
  • Billy Butler huh? Good stuff. Again, Mark Teahen numbers baby! Mark Teahen numbers.
  • Another night of Gload. The beat goes on...
  • Aviles Ahora! His clutch double in the bottom of the eighth extended his hitting streak to nine games.