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Game 100 - Tigers (49-49) at Royals (45-54)

Game 100. Already? As the legendary New England Primer (1683ish) puts it, in the entry for the Letter G: "As runs the Glass/ Mans life doth pass". In what will seem like two weeks, the season will be over, and we'll be forced to decide if we want the Cubs to win their playoff series or not. For the record, I'll be solidly rooting against the Cubs this post-season.

With a win tonight, the Royals can reach 46 wins in their first 100 games, three above last year's total of 43. Meanwhile, the Tigers have made it back to .500 after a disastrous start -- including an 0-6 mark against the Royals -- but have been mostly mired there for the last month.

Your pitching matchup is Zack Miner (4.23 ERA) versus Luke Hochevar (5.10 ERA). Let's get the former #1 pick's ERA down below 5.00 tonight, eh?