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Mitch Maier Just Wins Ballgames

Party on, Gil. Party on, Joakim.

  • Salutations to Gil Meche on a second straight strong start, albeit a slightly Bannyrific one. Whatever works. It's terrific to see Gil getting stronger here, just as we approach the cusp of the dog days. Incidentally, the phrase "dog days" is a pretty old one, I noticed it in Pope's Dunciad (1728). Actually, this is wrong, I got mixed up in my reading reflections for today, I saw the phrase in a short story by Sarah Orne Jewett, from 1893, I believe. Apologies.
  • I wonder what Meche's trade value is? Especially now that Harden and Sabathia are gone.
  • Ross Gload. Another day, another nine innings of Gload.
  • Who else was in tears watching J.P. Howell pitch? It all makes sense now. Joey had to be off-site with the Rays and Howell back in town. Too much pain.  Pitching is the currency of baseball...
  • Saw this on fangraphs.