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Game 104 Open Thread - Rays (59-42) at Royals (46-57)

“It’s just the big innings that have killed me,” Bannister told the Royals’ official Web site.

And it's just my complete lack of talent and skill that's kept me in the lowest tax bracket as I approach 30. Bad luck!

Brian Bannister (5.49 ERA) versus Edwin Jackson (4.25 ERA) tonight at the K. After a string of rough starts, Bannister's ERA is now the highest it has been since he made his second start as a Royal, back on April 29th, 2007.

Editorial note: I'll be on the road tonight and in Washington this weekend, so, depending on how my schedule breaks down, the overflow threads and post-game posts may be nonexistent or late-coming. The game threads will be on schedule however.