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Draft Deadline Day Open Thread

With 6 1/2 hours to go, Hosmer remains unsigned.  Melville has been signed for $1.25M.  Brian Matusz at #4 was signed for $3.2M (guaranteed MLB contract).  What will Hosmer do?

[Will prefers that we not duplicate threads and we've already got two threads on Melville signing and multiple places where Melville, Hosmer, Matusz and other draft and signing issues are being discussed.  At least until the deadline, let's put all draft signing and deadline day information and updates here.

Currently unsigned

1. Eric Hosmer, 1b

7. Jason Espositio, 3b

11. Malcolm Bronson, of

29. Beau Brett, 1b

30. Derrick Dodridge, LHP

31. Ryan Curl, of

32. Rey Cotilla, RHP

33. Eric Swegman, RHP

and others...