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And so we return triumphantly to last place.


After everything that happened in that game, somehow you just knew that it would come down to Brett Gardner versus Jeff Fulchino. Blah blah blah some other stuff about how painful extra inning losses like this one are. Some rational thoughts:

  • I really don't hate Trey Hillman, but if Soria was avaiable it's hard to stomach the fact that we lost an extra innings game without him appearing. I hope Hillman learns from his mistakes.
  • That said, Joel Peralta and Robinson Tejeda both pitched well
  • Our offense is not good at hitting baseballs well.
  • Zack Greinke was very, very, very great today. Too bad the defense caved.
  • Alex Gordon hit a home run and had two walks. Mark Teahen had tow hits. Mike Aviles went 0-for-6. Is it OPPOSITE DAY?!?!

After a game that thrilling, the rest of the night will be an anticlimax.

PS: it's okay, Hosmer signed. At least we are not fans of the Washington Nationals.