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No loss ever feels good, even when you play with the grit of a Ross Gload type, but this one stings where it hurts. Gil Meche was absolutely stellar after allowing three runs early, two of which go in the "unearned" bin. All told, Meche gave up only two hits, walked one, and struck out nine over seven innings. His ERA (yes I know ERA isn't that great of a stat, believe me) was lowered to 4.01 in the process. That's an impressive feat given how he started this season and this game. Unfortunately, Ramon Ramirez and Joakim Soria couldn't hold the lead. That's probably the only time this year we've seen that sentence, which doesn't make this loss hurt less. Off the top of my head, only "the Twins game" tops this one in terms of bullpen meltdowns. Fans always remember the close losses and forget the blowouts...yadda yadda yadda, but when you get an effort like this one out of Meche, it's one of hell of a game to shake off. To the bullet points:

  • We haven't been swept yet. Isn't that looking on the bright side? Greinke goes tomorrow in a 12:05 EST getaway day game that I'll miss entirely. Cheer Zack on, people. We could really use a win.
  • Pumpkinhead Fulchino recorded as many outs as Soria did: one. Fulchino succeeded in lowering his ERA to 9.90.
  • Royals relievers in this game combined for one inning, four walks, three hits allowed, and two dingers surrendered. Ugly.
  • Mike Aviles should be intentionally walked by any unfortunate lefty who has to face him. He went 3-for-4 today and was the only Royal with a multihit game.
  • Beer, anyone?