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"OMFG, we won!" or "56-74"

280824107_tigers_royals_106722394_lbig_medium We did it. We broke the vaunted Curse of Will Getting Married. With a heroically crappy effort by Brandon Duckworth and an offensive explosion for seven runs in six innings off former good pitcher Kenny Rogers, your boys in blue are off the 'schneid.

  • According to WPA, the Royals best pitcher in this game was Mudkip Wells. Let it never be said that Dayton Moore doesn't know how to fill out the back end of a pitching staff. To be completely fair to Wells, he actually was good as he K'ed two batters in as many scoreless innings. I wouldn't be surprised if he was in the mix for the back of the rotation next year. That just goes to show you what kind of guys can compete for the back of a rotation. And so on.
  • Jose Guillen had a home run. I still dislike him, yes.
  • Callaspo had three hits and a walk. The dude has deservedly taken some flak 'round these parts, but give credit where credit is due. Now have a few drinks and drive yourself home, Alberto. Just kidding, just kidding. Performances like tonight are why I was among the Callaspo-for-2B crowd in the first place.
  • No one drowned at the pool today, though the hose is not working.
  • RamRam and The Mexicutioner were back to their usual selves. I wuv them.
  • Butler had a double and a walk, which we like. German continued to play competently with a bingle and walk, which we like. Teahen had 3 RsBI and didn't fall over in the batter's box, which we think is something. The borg is pleased.
  • Ross Gload 3oy893gh5q90gh3gh9ehgIHATEHIMga43y3hbvzbvb
  • DeJesus and Olivo are not hitting. Oh, well. At least someone hit today.
  • We are not the Chiefs, which must count for something. I think. Maybe.
  • Next up is Texas, then we go back head-to-head with the Tigers again. Let the excitement build.