weren't the Royals a feel-good story a couple of years ago?... wasn't Tony Peña the manager?  what happened to them?

it's too bad we have to wait another few years for either of these teams to become relevant again.  but, if it's any consolation... i still think the Royals' home whites are one of the sharpest uniforms in all of baseball... about a pitching-for-hitting swap over the offseason?... kinda like the Garza for Young trade last year?

i am a fanatic of Donald Zackary Greinke.  he'd look good in a Ranger uniform.  you guys are wasting his time.

Eric Hurley, Chris Davis, Jarrod Saltalamacchia for Zack Greinke

Davis can anchor first base for a couple of years until Hosmer is ready.  he's young, and carries a power bat.  boy, do you all need a power bat... D ain't that bad either.

Saltalamacchia has had a down year... but, it's mostly a product of playing behind an established starter in Gerry Laird, and having to take more pitches to appease Ron Washington's current plate philosophy with the team.  make no mistake though... at his age, Saltalamacchia still has the potential to turn into a power-hitting catcher.  plus, he's handsome.

Eric Hurley is the arm in return.  young, ready to pitch at the big-league level... had some promising starts before he landed on the DL.  Rangers pitching coach, Mark Connor, who has since been fired, probably had him working on something unnecessary.  before this month, Hurley had no record of consistently getting hurt.  and if you're still suspicious... take a look at some of the pitchers the Rangers have developed recently that have gone on to greater success.

John Danks, Edinson Volquez, Armando Galarragga... Chris Young to some extent.

there's some kind of pitching virus in our clubhouse.  which is why we need someone from the outside... like Greinke. 

seems like a fair deal to me... but, i'd like to know what you Royales with cheese would want for him.  add, subtract... hey... just have fun.


speaking of fun, this series would be a lot more entertaining with a joint and some hip-hop.  for those of you who are into downloading good jams, here are some suggestions...

Funkdoobiest - "Rock On" (Buckwild Remix)

Manzel - "Space Funk"

Afu-Ra - "D&D Soundclash"

Defari - "Look Into My Eyes"





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