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Game 134 Open Thread - Royals (56-77) at Tigers (64-69)

Yankton, South Dakota is the whore of the heartland.


Did you ever notice how many teams claim to have a radio affiliate in Yankton...

Anyway, the Royals open a new series tonight in the D, with Hiram Kyle Davies (4.81 ERA) taking on Zack/h Miner (3.61 ERA). It seems like every other athlete in the '90s was named Miner/Minor, doesn't it? Or is that just be? Or maybe there were just all those Minors at Oklahoma playing multiple sports.

This has to have been a miserable season for Tigers fans, who not only won't be seeing any playoff games, but might also not even see .500 or even third place. All in a season in which the AL Central went old-school and will likely send a 86-89 win team into the playoffs.

Consider this your Temple-Army dual thread as well.