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Royals Send White Sox Into Second Place

The Royals are strange. Every year there's going to be a massive losing streak, most likely over 10 games. Something like over half of the 10+ game losing streaks this decade are courtesy of the Royals. However, as happened last season as well, a sub-par Royal lineup is also good for a massive offensive explosion once or twice a year. Not shockingly, this tends to happen at home, where the K can sometime play like mini-Coors.

In the last two games the Royals have scored 23 runs and banged out 38 hits. Sure, its the Royals, so 25 of those hits have been singles, but five homers, a triple, and seven doubles have certainly helped. Oh, and six walks. But why take a walk when it's a thousand degrees outside and the ball is flying off the bat?




  • Clearly, Grudz was holding the team back.
  • I always thought Miguel Olivo -- who had a monster series and should be flirting with a league average OPS now -- looked baby-faced, then I saw the pictures of him from today's brawl and wondered why TPJ's dad was on the field again.
  • Jose Guillen does not care for your singles. Two games, two hits, two homers.
  • Everyday Rossy picked up five hits the last two days.
  • Mitch Maier entered the series hitting .188 and left hitting .308.
  • Since falling to 21-34, the Royals have gone 31-26.