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David Ortiz Crushes the Royals with a 9th Inning Homer!

He's clutch. We all knew it was happening. Now a choker... a choker would have grounded out.

We all know who I'm talking about.

But not Ortiz. Ortiz is unstoppable in a key situation. He's clutch. In fact, many wise men have pronounced him the Greatest Clutch Hitter in Red Sox History.


  • As for the 9th inning that actually happened... what the hell? A lpitcher without Soria's core competence gives up four runs there.
  • For a supposed defensive wizard TPJ  can have his problems. Still, like those with the Clutch label, TPJ's a Gloveman, plain and simple. While a non-gloveman, well, same plays, but they'd get the Lefebvre treatment for those plays.
  • As for Meche, he endured. He endured. No idea where those nine strikeouts came from, but I blame Manny. He had to go.