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Game 114 Open Thread - Red Sox (64-49) at Royals (53-60)

Tonight's Red Sox starter Josh Beckett is supposedly going through a rough stretch -- three straight pitcher losses -- but compared to say Brian Bannister, he hasn't bee that bad. In those three starts Beckett has posted a 5.31 ERA, but that's almost entirely based upon the .337 batting average he's allowed. He's only allowed two homers during 20.1 IP, and he's struck out twenty hitters while walking only two.

Maybe he just needs to change hemp necklaces or add some new amulets or something...

As for Banny's last three starts, he's posted a 6.08 ERA and allowed a .359 batting average. In a continuing weird trend, Banny has been striking out nearly a man per inning (12 Ks in 13.1 IP) but without much improvement in preventing baserunners.