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A Stunner in the Twin Cities: One of the Worst Royal Lineups of the Decade Falls to the Twins

I'm tired of watching Ross Gload. I'm tired of watching Jose Guillen.

I have a vague unsatisfied desire to see what Ryan Shealy can do. I would love to see Kila. Personally, I'm bored with Billy Butler, but would nevertheless prefer to see him play.

Instead, we got Gload at first (1-4 with an inspirational double) and Guillen at DH (1-4).The wonderful thing about being a fan of this team is that you get a chance to see all your pet ideas and enthusiasms miserably fail; at different points I've been excited about guys like Esteban German, Mark Teahen, Alberto Callaspo, even Jason Smith for crying out loud. Then you see a lineup like tonight's, and wonder why you ever bothered.

Boring and ineffective: your 2008 Kansas City Royals.