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A few thoughts on the Royals 66th win:

1. Guillen looks pretty healthy to me now.  He appears to be running the bases and in the field with significantly more speed.  I think his hip is feeling much better.  And does this have anything to do the fact that he's on a hot streak again?  Before tonight's game:

Last 14 days - .389/.411/.611/1.022

Last 28 days - .310/.333/.500/.833

2. Yeah, I think Mark Teahen can play LF just fine.  He made two really good out of zone catches, showing great range.  I have no idea why he was in LF though, with Guillen in RF.

3. So how does a trade of a two-month rental of Dotel for Kyle Davies look right now?  No, Davies won't be throwing eight shutout innings very often, but he sure does look like a decent #5 starter or a good long reliever right now.  Looks like a good pick up to me.  Wladimir Balentien update: .203/.254/.349 (212 AB's)