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Game 151 Open Thread - Mariners (57-92) at Royals (66-84)

I'd hate to put a jinx on our magical four-game winning streak -- and clearly, the keystrokes of a middling blogger in Washington D.C. do have the power to alter the performance of forty or so professional atheletes in Missouri -- but should we start to get excited about a possible non-last-place finish, our first since 2003?

The Tigers currently sit at 70-79, and lead the Royals by five games in the loss column. Still, five days ago they were 70-74 while the Royals were 62-83. Plainly, they're feeling the heat.

Tonight's pitching matchup looks likes a mismatch, with Brandon "Rob" Morrow (1.64 ERA) taking on Brandon Duckworth (5.85 ERA) in what might be Ducky's penultimate appearance as a Royal.