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David DeJesus & Gil Meche Push the Royals Ever Closer to Fourth Place

Live from Danbury CT...

The Royals have caught the Tigers at 71 wins, thanks in part to strong efforts from David DeJesus (is it just me or has he been invisible for three months? honestly, it may just be me) and The Epic.


DeJesus banged out four hits, including a double and a triple (in other words, a season of Joey Gathright) and scored two glorious runs. As for Meche, his stat line doesn't leap off the page -- 6 IP, 4 Hs, 2 BBS, 4 Ks -- but he kept runs off the board with typical Mechean inefficiency (95 pitches through six). Meche grabbed his 13th win, which would have impressed Cy Young voters two months ago. So hurray for that.


Finally, honorable mentions of praise must be handed to Jose Guillen -- my favorite Royal -- whose WPA on the night was second behind DeJesus in the lineup, as well as Ram-Ram.

ps- Are the Tigers set to play 162? How are they two games behind the Royals in games played with less than a week to go?