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Ryan Shealy Powers the Kansas City Royals Into Fourth Place

Live from Lexington, MA

Ryan Shealy has seven home runs. In sixteen games. The Royals spent four months giving something like 7,000 PAs to Ross Gload/Mark Teahen/Joey Gathright/Ross Gload/Mitch Maier and on and on, seemingly trying to avoid any semblence of power.




  • Thanks to seven strong innings, Zack Greinke likely finishes his 2008 campaign with a 3.47 ERA and career highs in IP, Ks, K/9 & WHIP.
  • At 72 wins the Royals have already reached their highest win total since... you guessed it, 2003. For good measure, they've only been in the 70s one other time this decade, when the '00 team won 77. So who do you think was better, the '08 or the '00 Royals?