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Kila Ka'aihue Finishes With 24 Plate Appearances

Well, we're all still in a bad mood after today's season-ending loss. Remember the Kila Ka'aihue PA Prediction Contest however? We'll have plenty of time to digest the day's/month's/summer's events of course, so we might as well discuss our little contest before we all forget it.

You'd have to be a real genius to guess exactly how many plate appearances Kila would end up with, wouldn't you?

So, let me extend my heartiest congratulations to...

(reading the entries)

Some user named "Royals Review", who predicted that Kila would end up at 24 trips to the plate. Wow, and first guess too. This dude must have known people on the inside to claim one of the most likely numbers so quickly after the story was posted.

Thanks to everyone who played.