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That Willie Bloomquist Signing Just Keeps Looking Better, No Really, It Does, Really

The Padres have agreed to terms on a one-year, $850,000 deal with David Eckstein to play second base.

No second year? Well why the hell not?

As the real baseball experts will tell you, the Royals have to overspend to get players to come in. The Padres of course, are widely expected to win at least 110 games next season, perhaps 120, so Eckstein was probably willing to take a discount. Just look at Jake Peavy for goodness sakes, he's like volunteering to play there for free, forever. Michael Young wants to be traded there, simply to be the bullpen catcher.

I will not sit idly by and listen to anymore arguments that Dayton Moore has misevaluated this market. I will not. Any rational look at the facts reveals that Willie Bloomquist is twice the player that David Eckstein is, and, as such, should be paid accordingly. Actually, that isn't even right. Its more like four times the player, I forgot to factor in the KC overpay and the San Diego discount thing.

But I digress, let me let the fancy numbers speak. Here are their WARP numbers from the last three seasons. More inarguable proof that Bloomquist is the better player.

Bloomy Ecksty
06 1.2 3
07 0.1 2.4
08 0.9 3.0

Case closed.

Obviously, the Royals are paying the right guy twice as much.

And Willie Bloomquist is a winner. A W-I-N-N-E-R, as Dayton himself has said. The more Willie plays, the more the Mariners won. David Eckstein's intangibles suck. They've been measured and they suck. He's never won. Never even made the playoffs actually. He's a horrible teammate and he hates family. Not just his family, either. ALL FAMILIES. He hates the entire concept. He wants forced, nationalized adoption for all Americans and all genealogical records destroyed. (You think he played for the Blue Jays by coincidence???) He wants Sparta with more homosexuality, that dystopia from Brave New World with more drugs and the chick from My Name is Earl as the Surgeon General.

Let the scumbag play in San Diego for all we care. We're taking Willie Bloomquist to the World Series.