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Secrets of the AL Central, VI

American League Central teams, against teams with .500 or better records:

  1. Cleveland: 37-38
  2. Minnesota: 40-43
  3. Chicago: 40-48
  4. Detroit: 41-59
  5. Kansas City: 41-62

And against teams below .500:

  1. Chicago: 49-26
  2. Minnesota: 48-32
  3. Kansas City: 34-25
  4. Detroit: 33-29
  5. Cleveland: 44-43


  • Just another data point suggesting what a strange season transpired by the Cuyahoga last season, as the Indians were the best team in the division against good teams, and the worst against bad ones. Cleveland has turned into something of an enigma in the second-half of the decade. Why? I have no idea.
  • The AL Central may not have actually been very good last season, at least by AL standards. My hunch is that the Blue Jays would have won the division by three games. Only one AL Central team went over .500 against the AL East... naturally, it was Cleveland at 20-15. Second best was Detroit, at 15-20. Everyone else got blitzed.
  • Detroit was really not very good. They have a looooong way to bounce back.
  • Is being good against bad teams a skill? Naturally, the over .500/under .500 line isn't perfect, or really even good, but it's easy. Does the Royals status as a pitching-first team mean that they will be able to take care of business against bad teams to a larger degree than an offense-first team?