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Locked Up: Royals Sign Zack Greinke to Four-Year Deal

Reported by Dutton, at Noon today:


The Royals reached agreement Monday morning with right-handed pitcher Zack Greinke on a four-year contract that buys out his first two seasons of free-agent eligibility.

Financial terms were not immediately available.

Obviously, the conversation will get more interesting once we know the financial figures. Needless to say, as evidenced by Greinke's modest request earlier this month, as well as the general outline of the contract, it's almost impossible to imagine the money being a problem.

Stay tuned.


Update: Various reports are circulating that the deal is four years, ~$38 million.

Reportedly, the contract breaks down like this:


2009 3.75
2010 7.25
2011 13.5
2012 13.5