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Plunked! The Most Hit-Batsmen by Kansas City Pitchers in the '00's

Even for a pathetic blogger who lives in his mom's basement, I just couldn't pull the trigger on a Hit Me Greinke One More Time title. That song did come out a decade ago (wow... just wow... suicide now).

Most HBPs by a Royal Pitcher During the '00's:

  1. Zack Greinke: 28
  2. Jeff Suppan: 26
  3. Mike Wood: 21
  4. Runelvys Hernandez: 20
  5. Dan Reichert: 19

Greinke, Suppan and Runelvys are all in the top ten in innings pitched this decade (1, 2 & 4th respectively) so their totals are exactly where you'd expect them to be. That can't be said for the other two however, so mad props to Mike Wood and Dan Reichert for battling their way into the top five.