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Gut Response: Are the Royals Better than the Tigers?

Consider this a distant cousin to the Secrets of the AL Central series. In the next week or so we'll go through all the Royals' hated AL Central rivals. Today we start with the only team the Royals finished ahead of in 2008: Detroit.

'07 Pythag '08 Pythag
Tigers 89-73 78-84
Royals 74-88 72-90

I'm going to assume you are roughly familiar with Kansas City's offseason. As for the Tigers:

Lost: Kyle Farnsworth (10 game swing !!!!), Edgar Renteria, Matt Joyce

Added: Adam Everett, Brandon Lyon, Gerald Laird, Edwin Jackson

So, are the Royals better than the Tigers? Don't overthink the question, or qualifiy it, or give me a probability range, just tell me.