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Did Someone Say The Battle for Grass Creek?

Did someone famous say something about the Battle for Grass Creek or something?

I've started to notice a smattering of hits coming to the site from google searches originating from Washington (figures) to New Jersey. I haven't seen any other online referrals (links) which leads me to believe it must have come over the air or on a podcast or something.

Royals Review isn't going to crash or anything, but it's nevertheless odd.

To recap, the Battle for Grass Creek is the heated cultural fracas that divides Wyoming each summer, as the area's two favorite teams, the Royals and the Mariners, try to claim the heart of the region. Kansas City lies 948 miles to the southeast, Seattle, the den of sin, lies 945 miles to the northwest. In between, lies Grass Creek, Wyoming, population: very very very small.

The rivalry has become especially heated in the three years, as a number of high-profile Mariners -- Gil Meche, Jose Guillen, Miguel Olivo, Horacio Ramirez -- have been stolen away by the Royals. Of course, there's also been the Raul Ibanez back and forth.

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