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A Perfect Fit

Grit's Honor: The Bavasiest Way to Build a Baseball Team

It's turning into a real annus mirabalis for Dayton Moore. Between the second time we grabbed Ho-Ram, and when he snagged Willie B...

Really, there are only two questions: do we bat him leadoff or second and how many promotional ads do we feature him in?

I'm just bummed that this means we probably can't also get Eckstein or Keith Lockhart.

Of course, you all remember this obscure game thread from April.

Moore will sign Bloomquist at some point

I have no doubt

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  • The bizarre, I mean awesome, ex-Mariner thing continues. Gil Meche, Miguel Olivo, Jose Guillen, Horacio Ramirez and now, the uber-Mariner of the Bavasi Era, Willie Bloomquist. Again, these are all voluntary moves. If nothing else, Dayton Moore understands the Battle for Grass Creek. And hey, if we can build a really old, expensive team that peaks with a fluky 87 wins (or whatever it was) and then implodes, that means the master plan will have worked.
  • I don't get the second year. I can understand that a) he's just a utility guy (maybe) and that b) he's not bad defensively actually and that c) the money's not large. None of that really explains the second year or justifies it. Every roster spot has value and I'm not convinced that Bloomquist is the best use of a roster spot for the next two seasons. As with the Ho-Ram, Gload and Farnsworth signings, the Bloomquist deal looks like one in which Moore sweetened the terms in order to leave no chance that someone else might out-bid him. It just looks pointless from here.
  • First question, is Bloomquist better than German? Debatable. Is Bloomquist better to have around than TPJ?  Possibly, but considering neither guy actually hits at all and should never have any high leverage at bats, I'd rather have the guy who is an unquestioned plus defender at SS. Third question, is Bloomquist better than Callaspo? Unlikely. Is he going to be better in 2010 than Giavotella?
  • Bloomquist has NO POWER. None. Joey Gathright laughs at him. The last two seasons, in 373 PAs, Bloomquist managed just six extra base hits. You know those random times TPJ would hit the ball really hard and bang one off the wall? (TPJ has forty extra base hits the last two years.) Well Bloomquist never does that. Ever.
  • I'd bet a kidney that Hillman falls hard for Bloomquist. Actually, a kidney and half a pancreas. He will see major playing time, so don't pretend otherwise.