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Royal Centerfield Defense in 2009

Here's a look at the UZR/150 numbers for 2009.

Innings UZR/150
Crisp 412 13.9
Maier 593 2.7
DeJesus 25 -1.4
Freel 32 -2.0
Bloomquist 164 -2.2
Anderson 192 -3.0
  • I think we can mostly throw out the data for DDJ and Freel, who simply weren't in centerfield enough to generate a meaningful sample. Considering that UZR/150 is a rate stat (what their UZR would be in 150 games) a -1.4 or a -2.0 is basically the equivalent of "who knows?"
  • The samples for St. Willie and Anderson are also small, but less encouraging. Bloomquist is a utility player without much utility, and I've written about him far too much. But what about Anderson? He's pretty much on the team because he's supposed to be a good defender (hence Treyball's constant use of him late in games). Nevertheless, his UZR/150 is pretty blah.
  • Mitch Maier, who like DeJesus, will simply not be allowed to be a temporary solution because he's not a Dayton guy, wasn't bad afield. I dont' think he's a gold glover, but I also think there's little reason to just assume that he can't handle the position or that Josh Anderson is better than him.